A mobile fruit stand and community spot: because no one should have to live off fast food!

idea by Omari
A mobile fruit stand and community spot: because no one should have to live off fast food!




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I want it to be safe for a little girl on my street to walk outside and know she’s among friends. Where she can do whatever she enjoys – maybe something that matters. I wish everyone a community where opportunity lives. So I brought a folding table outside to see what good things we can make happen!

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

I want to bring this out to other places that need it too, like much of South Berkeley, East and West Oakland, and far beyond to people everywhere!

I’ll need some green wheels. So I need to buy a bicycle trailer to transport a lighter folding table and durable, attractive folding chairs.

I need some books, and to attend conferences and networking events to learn how to create a mobile job- and life-skills training plan.

I need art equipment to design and weatherproof some attractive signs for ‘Let's Do Something Good!’ and advertise fresh fruit. Most of all, I need seed money to set up a produce pipeline and deliver tasty fruits and veggies to people that need them at prices that can out-compete that 50¢ bag of hot chips!

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Sow It Forward: Grow the GOOD!
Sow It Forward: Grow the GOOD!

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