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Overview of Outdoor Idea


This 228-mile treasure hunt will unite cultural, historic, and natural sites that tell unique stories of river industries, conservation, and ecology. Folks will have outdoor adventures as they walk, hike, bike, or paddle to 24 different caches in riverside parks, trails, and towns!

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

We’re already on a roll, have a budget, planning team, quotes for supplies! Do Good Funding will enable us to:
1) Recruit an intern to research rules, sites, and work with locals to compile stories
2) Develop website and passport book with help from a graphic designer
3) Get permissions for caches on state lands
4) Order boxes, log books, etc. for caches
5) Design a GeoCoin award for folks who complete the trail-A small business makes these from local hardwoods!
6) Drive, bike, hike to hide caches with volunteers
7) Host an outdoor workshop to teach new folks and kids about Geocaching
8) Tell Everyone-press releases, social media, local tourism agencies, our state partners, and river friends to get more people outside!

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Geocaching is a great Family oriented activity, and while a GPS makes the searching easier, it's Not really Required. One of the early Geocaching Pioneers(Waldenpond(?)) found over 1000 of some of the Best hid caches, while never owning a GPS, or a car. he used public transit to get as close as possible, and walked the rest. This RiverTrail is a prefect match of geocaching and Canoe/kayaking, over 200 miles of scenic river history and camping.

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