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Bronze plaques dot the countryside by the tens of thousands, honoring important people, places, or events. Sadly, they become unreadable due to the effects of the weather, which implies they are no longer important. This project encourages people to locate, care for and share information about them.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

Up to now, my project (about 8 years old) encourages people to preserve bronze plaques. I offer how-to information on my Facebook page "Operation Rediscover" (eBooks: "Preserving Bronze Plaques & Memorials" and "Operation Rediscover Action Plan"). However, the vast majority of them have already deteriorated beyond what preservation can do to help. I would use the funds to write another eBook ("Restoring Bronze Plaques and Memorials"), and make it available online. I need help to spend the time writing, filming, and editing video clips that will be used to illustrate the process, to hire an editor, and to set up the online aspects of publicizing and distributing it. Our outdoor cultural heritage needs to be preserved for future generations.

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Excellent project!

by james.ward.5492216
over 3 years ago | Reply

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