Playground at CityWalk@Akard

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Overview of Outdoor Idea


Our project will raise funds for a playground at a mixed-use building, managed by a nonprofit, in downtown Dallas. The building's affordable housing includes 50 units for formerly homeless individuals and families. There are 38 children living in the building with no public playground nearby.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

We are a group of young architects in Dallas who are designing and producing the construction documents for the future playground at CityWalk@Akard. We are also fundraising for the playground and will be coordinating its construction. The urban site has limited space for a playground, but the CityWalk management would like for a playground to be located outside of the building at the old loading dock area (the building is an adaptive reuse). The awkward nature of the space has made it difficult to solicit donations from organizations that provide standardized playgrounds. We are approaching organizations for material donations and pro bono services, but we will need funding for some playground components and construction costs.

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Can't wait to see this get done! It's going to be an incredible space for these children to run around and enjoy some physical activity. Very community building.

almost 3 years ago | Reply

I live down the street from CityWalk. It's great that the neighborhood makes space for working class families. I'd love to see this playground happen.

by mdunlap1
about 3 years ago | Reply

Fantastic idea!!

by aimeeb
about 3 years ago | Reply

What a fantastic project! Why aren't there more of these everywhere?

by blas.villanueva.77
about 3 years ago | Reply

This is a great design concept for an even greater Cause. I can't wait to see this become a reality.

by brent.alfred
about 3 years ago | Reply

Having lived in Dallas. I know the children need appropriate places to play. We want them to have constructive places so they won't get involved in the gang activity.


by denicemcg
about 3 years ago | Reply

Very creative project.... and interesting adaption to the space. There are lots of kids in this development and they are going to love having a place where they can safely play. I think this will have an impact on many families' quality of life!

by Nickr78
about 3 years ago | Reply

I've worked at the CityWalk location for a year and a half. The apartments are very small (as small as 350 sq ft), which doesn't leave a lot of room for kids to play. Since there are roads and parking lots all around the building, there aren't many places to play. The closest park is about a 20 minute walk from the building...through downtown. I'd love to see us have a play space for kids!

by drjmo
about 3 years ago | Reply

Hope your project wins! It looks really cool! CrisD

by cris dixon
about 3 years ago | Reply

This is such a great cause! It's got to be tough living in an urban setting without a place to play and just be a kid!

by KimbieMC
about 3 years ago | Reply

Please note that the rendering is conceptual! Other efforts will include a large mural which the children at CityWalk@Akard will help design (and which we hope to get local artists involved with), large fans to keep the space cooler during the hot Texas summers, and suspended decorative elements that will be mounted over this outdoor covered area.

by ChristineR
about 3 years ago | Reply

Also, here is the website for the great nonprofit, CitySquare, that offices at CityWalk@Akard and works with the residents there through their Community Life Team: http://citysq.org/ The fundraising for this future playground will go directly into a fund set up especially for the playground at CitySquare, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

by ChristineR
about 3 years ago | Reply

Here is website address for the nonprofit developer of CityWalk@Akard, the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation (CDCDC), if you would like to read more about them and this great residential community:

by ChristineR
about 3 years ago | Reply

Very creative! I love the design... so much detail. The kids will be so grateful to have this space.

by michelle.northington.5
about 3 years ago | Reply

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