Growing the Future Together: Gardening with Youth

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Growing the Future Together: Gardening with Youth




Overview of Outdoor Idea


Adamscrest Farm is a partnership of Crestmont School and Urban Tilth, both in Richmond, California. Urban Tilth works with schools to build a sustainable, healthy, just food system. Children dig, plant, harvest, cook and eat healthy food they grow. They get exercise and spend quality time outdoors.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

A grant of $5000 from GOOD Corp. would make it possible for all the children at Crestmont School to spend time in the garden, with instruction from Urban Tilth. Growing food to support our local homeless shelter, Greater Richmond Interfaith Program, will deepen the children’s service learning experience and understanding of food justice. A $5000 grant would also make it possible for the 4th and 5th graders to spend two days working on Full Belly Farm, a leading organic farm in Northern California. The children would be able to experience larger scale harvesting and diverse planting, as well as have the opportunity to learn about animal husbandry and a community supported agriculture program.

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Our apartment complex did something brilliant: they ripped up some of the green lawn along a fence and portioned it off into garden plots for anyone who wants to plant. Tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins--people are getting really creative, and we

by BronsonTyler
about 2 years ago | Reply

I love Crestmont School

by CCollum
over 2 years ago | Reply

Everyone who can should plant a garden. Organic gardens have no pesticides or growth hormone or malecular changes to them. It can give the families more family time and the rewards are wonderful.

by llheck1
over 2 years ago | Reply

I support Crestmont whole heartedly

Frank H. Jorden

by Harrison 1
over 2 years ago | Reply

This is a beautiful garden! When I drive by it makes me smile. Kids learning about food and being outdoors. There is nothing better.

by Mary Reid
over 2 years ago | Reply

woow love this idea!!!

by marti cilley
over 2 years ago | Reply

I love this school

by Magics-girl
over 2 years ago | Reply

I believe it is vital that we educate our children about where food comes from. 'Growing the Future Together' is a great idea, too many young children have no idea what a potato looks like but can identify a chicken nugget. Let's change that.

by lizjoseph99
over 2 years ago | Reply

This is a really great idea, and a great use of these funds! Organicjustice.

by timothy.pickett.1232
over 2 years ago | Reply

This is a wonderful chance for children to learn about where food comes from first-hand and to feed hungry people.

by bsittler
over 2 years ago | Reply

Having trouble voting... very frustrating. Teh email does not have an active link, and google says no corresponding doc.

by bikes
over 2 years ago | Reply

Well, you're on the right web page since you were able to leave this comment. Did you click on the pink box at the top that says "Vote for this Idea."? Do you want to try again? Sometimes the website seems to get sluggish, but I thought that was just my Internet connection.

by jmacgillvary
over 2 years ago | Reply

Kudos to Adamscrest Garden! I support this idea on so many levels -- growing a garden is a wonderful experience for children and gives them practical knowledge about how to grow fruits and vegetables -- these are lifetime skills. And it is great that Crestmont students are contributing to the local GRIP shelter via this garden. GRIP is an amazing organization providing all kinds of services for homeless families and individuals and it is nice to know GRIP will be getting Adamscrest's fresh produce. Gardens are good all around -- and another benefit is that they help support the bees (bee populations are in trouble) by providing dirt and flowering organic plants rather than lawns...just what bees (and humans) need! Adamscrest, you have my vote.

by Katrina V
over 2 years ago | Reply

Gardening is such a wonderful skill & activity for the children of Crestmont to learn. My son loved gardening at Crestmont, so I really hope you get this grant. Good luck from Crestmont Alum family - Jeff Luna-Sparks (One of Miguel's Dad)

by jinglejamboree
over 2 years ago | Reply

I like gardening with youth. Only problem is harvesting them.

by HSooty
over 2 years ago | Reply

Great idea.

by jacob.malarky
over 2 years ago | Reply

$5000 will do all that? I voted for it.

by JWetherspoon
over 2 years ago | Reply

"Animal husbandry," now that's something to get excited about.

by Taj
over 2 years ago | Reply

Any place doing business with a place called "Full Belly Farm" gets my vote. I'm going to tell all my friends about this idea!

by pablo.malarky
over 2 years ago | Reply

This got my vote because it not only gives a whole school full of kids an irreplaceable gardening experience, but also gets fresh food out to one of our most effective local shelters. Let a future generation get their fingers dirty in the garden, and feed our neediest neighbors. I sent my child through this school and am confident they will make excellent use of the grant.

by aland99
over 2 years ago | Reply

Sustainable, community farming and service to those in need, all in one project. Sounds like a wonderful and worthy endeavor.

by jmacgillvary
almost 3 years ago | Reply

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