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Companions for Heroes will promote healthy living through exercise for our veterans and first responders. Called "Take a Thousand Steps" we will have a call to action for veterans and first-responders to take a thousand steps during a designated month by walking their dogs.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

The $5,000 will fund the role out of the campaign on the C4H website, social media (twitter, facebook, LinkedIn etc.) and hopefully obtain additional sponsorship and employee participation from corporations. The first 50 who post on our FaceBook page will receive a C4H dog bandana. We would be honored to name you as "The Founding Sponsor" and link to you on our website.

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Friday, June 15

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Thursday, July 19
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Sow It Forward: Grow the GOOD!
Sow It Forward: Grow the GOOD!

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Tuesday, August 07

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