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ReLIT NY is a unique reading and recycling program that brings free books directly to busy New Yorkers on the go. We collect used, unwanted books that would have otherwise been thrown out and hand them out on busy streets--making reading easier, accessible and giving books a second life.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

Thanks to the good people of the city, we now get over 700 book donations per month and give out approx. 500. Which has put us in a conundrum regarding space. We desperately need a larger storage system to store all these books efficiently and find a way to transport more books to more people. $3000 will finance a large storage unit for an entire year, which means we can now accept all the bulk donation requests that we receive from so many of you. The remaining $2000 will pay for the expensive car rides that we have to take, to transport all these books to and from our storage and the handout location which also means, we will be able to organize more handouts per month at more locations.

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There is such Tranquility and Enlightment received within One's self when Journing Upon the Pages you Turn!! Reading is an Extension of One's desire to Expand themselves beyond the Knowledge they have Acquired. : )

by margie.blakelaurain
over 3 years ago | Reply

ReLIT is completely volunteer run and we do this, mostly from our own pockets. Why? Because books have changed our lives and we want them to change others' as well. But as you can see, we desperately need this grant to keep afloat. $5000 will mean one entire year of free books to the public. That's about 6000 recycled books.

by relitny
over 3 years ago | Reply

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